The role of tire tread. 02

May 2021

1. Different definitions
Raw pressing, also called cold pressing, refers to an oil pressing process in which the oil is not heated or slightly heated before being pressed, and is sent to the oil press for pressing at a low temperature. Cooked pressing, also called hot pressing, is a common oil pressing process suitable for pressing oil and increasing oil yield.
2. The temperature varies
Raw pressing is generally processed in an environment below 60°C. In general, the oil is subjected to high-temperature heating treatment before squeezing the oil, so that a series of changes occur in the oil: destroy the oil cells, promote protein denaturation, and reduce the viscosity of the oil for processing.
3. Different colors
The color of raw pressed oil is better than that of cooked pressed oil, the color of raw pressed oil is clearer, and the color and luster are better than hot pressed oil. The color of cooked oil is darker.


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